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Colleges, Orgs Launch Nat'l Voter Ed. Week

By Greta Anderson, Inside Higher Ed | October 6, 2020

About 500 voter education and advocacy groups, colleges and universities, and student organizations nationwide have partnered to launch the first National Voter Education Week from Oct. 5 to 9, which includes free, nonpartisan online programming to educate new voters and particularly students.

The effort is being led by the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project, an initiative that works to increase the turnout of college students on Election Day. The programming will educate voters on the process of voting in their state and the “weight of their vote in policy decisions,” according to a press release from the center. The goal of National Voter Education Week is to go beyond voter registration and turnout efforts and help students develop a plan for how and when to vote with a series of online panels and training sessions, so they are motivated and prepared to cast their ballot, the press release said.

“As some of the newest participants in our democracy, college students need to be welcomed and helped in navigating the system so their voices can be heard,” Campus Vote Project director Mike Burns said in the release. “National Voter Education Week is the 'welcome party' student voters need, and we could not be more excited to partner with so many other dedicated organizations.”

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