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Common Cause Promotes Dan Vicuña to Director of Redistricting and Representation

Washington, DC — Common Cause announced today that longtime policy staffer Dan Vicuña will lead the organization’s anti-gerrymandering work as Director of Redistricting and Representation. He succeeds Kathay Feng in this role after she was named Common Cause’s Vice President of Programs. Vicuña steps into the position on the heels of the 50-year-old organization’s major Supreme Court victory in Moore v Harper, and as the first Latino in the role.

“For nearly a decade, Dan has been an integral part of our fight for fair maps that strengthen the voice of all Americans,” said Marilyn Carpinteyro, Common Cause interim co-president. “He brings a wealth of experience successfully advancing redistricting reforms and legal actions in the states. Dan is passionate about bringing us closer to a multi-racial, participatory, and representative democracy and he understands how ending partisan and racial gerrymandering is critical to that vision.”

Since 2014, Vicuña has anchored the organization’s litigation work to challenge partisan and racially gerrymandered maps such as North Carolina and New York, and secure fair maps in states such as Minnesota and Michigan. He has also organized extensive cross-partisan amicus brief support for Supreme Court cases, including the Arizona-based case of Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission and the Wisconsin-based case Gill v. Whitford. As states from Oregon to Ohio have built grassroots support for redistricting reforms on the ballot, Vicuña has been instrumental in working with local advocates to shape inclusive and community-centered policies.


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