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Fair Elections Center Responds To Moore V. Harper Supreme Court Decision


June 27, 2023


WASHINGTON Today, Jon Sherman, Litigation Director and Senior Counsel with Fair Elections Center, released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Moore v. Harper:

“For 233 years and counting, no court has ever found that state election laws are unconstrained by state constitutional requirements, because this is a fantasy that is antithetical to our system of government. Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court has buried this extremist theory once and for all, reaffirming that state legislatures must adhere to the limitations and protections enshrined in their state constitutions. This 6-3 decision against proponents of the so-called independent state legislature theory (‘ISLT’) is the end of the road. ISLT would have destabilized and fractured our election laws, confusing and burdening voters and election officials alike, and up-ended our system of checks and balances that has been the foundation of our democracy.”

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Fair Elections Center is a leading national, nonpartisan voting rights and election reform organization based in Washington, DC, using litigation, public education and advocacy to remove barriers to registration and voting, and improve election administration. Fair Elections Center filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court for Moore v. Harper on behalf of the League of Women Voters asking the Court to reject independent state legislature theory.


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