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Letter to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis - Veto SB 90!

Dear Governor DeSantis:

The legislature has passed and delivered to you for a decision SB 90, which will create barriers for eligible Floridians to exercise their freedom to vote by making mail ballots less accessible and more difficult to cast, severely limiting voter assistance, and making it more difficult for community voter registration drives to do their critical outreach. We ask you to do the right thing by Florida voters, stand by your pride in Florida’s 2020 election administration, and veto this harmful bill.

We are particularly concerned that SB 90, by design, seeks to silence voters’ voices based on what they look like or where they come from. For example, Black and brown voters work longer hours and live in larger households, making changes such as cutting out 24-hour drop boxes and limiting help with ballot delivery into proportionately greater barriers. Black and brown voters and young voters also disproportionately rely on community voter registration drives to access the ballot, making these restrictions especially unfair. No matter their race, background or zip code, Floridians must have the ability to safely and freely cast their ballots so that every voice is heard.

While restricting their constituents' freedom to vote, the legislature rejected many changes that would have expanded access and made voting more accessible for all eligible Floridians including:

  • Allowing voters to register up to and including on election day

  • Modernizing registration by using information government already has to get more eligible Floridians on the voter rolls

  • Postage paid return envelopes for mail ballots

  • Explicitly allowing voters to sign applications digitally just like they sign other important documents like leases and their tax returns.

We urge you to make it clear to the legislature for the 2022 session that passing these and other similar policies to modernize Florida’s elections is a priority. Until then, we ask you to veto SB 90 because it moves Florida elections in the wrong direction, making them less accessible, safe, and efficient.


Fair Elections Center

Michelle Kanter Cohen, Policy Director & Senior Counsel

All Voting Is Local Action

Brad Ashwell, Florida State Director

ACLU of Florida

Kirk Bailey, Political Director

Advancement Project

Carolyn Thompson, Voter Protection Advocate

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Florida Region

Yael Hershfield, Interim Regional Director

Common Cause Florida

Sylvia Albert, Director of Voting and Elections

Emgage Action Florida

Ancel Pratt, III, Florida Executive Director

Equal Ground Action Fund

Kristin Fulwylie, Consulting Director

Faith in Florida

Rhonda Thomas, Executive Director

Faith in Public Life

Joey McKinnon, Florida Director

The First Coast Leadership Foundation

Siottis Jackson, Chief Program and Operating Officer

Florida AFL-CIO

Rich Templin, State Political Director

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Desmond Meade, Executive Director

Florida Rising

Andrea Mercado, Co-Executive Director

The League of Women Voters of Florida

Patricia Brigham, President

NAACP Florida State Conference

Adora Obi Nweze, President

National Haitian American Elected Officials Network

Alix Desulme, Chairman of NHAEON

People Over Profits

Sean Shaw. Founder

Progress Florida

Mark Ferrulo, Executive Director


Martha Baker, RN, President, SEIU Florida State Council

1199 SEIU

Roxey Nelson

Sierra Club Florida

Deborah L. Foote, MPA, Acting Chapter Director

Southern Poverty Law Center Action

Poy Winichakul, Staff Attorney, Voting Rights

State Voices Florida

Juanica Fernandes, Executive Director

Voter Participation Center

Tom Lopach, CEO

Voting Rights Lab

Women Talk Black

Stephanie Owen, Founder


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