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Southfield resident leads campaign to increase student voters

SOUTHFIELD — Eastern Michigan University student and Southfield-raised Naomi Barbour is making waves with her campaign to increase student participation in Michigan politics.

Working with a team tasked with presenting election dates for the Michigan Legislature’s consideration, Barbour became involved with this campaign through her involvement with the Collegiate Student Advisory Task Force.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently signed State Senate Bill 13, moving Michigan’s presidential primary from March 10, 2024, to Feb. 27, 2024. This decision was made after President Joe Biden suggested that Michigan become one of the early primary states.

However, this calendar shift raises concern for young voters, particularly college students, as many would be on spring break during this voting period.

“This was a project that came once we realized that the presidential primary data was going to be moved in Michigan, and the task force … along with the campus vote project, we had worked together with other college students, and we aim to sync legislative intervention with moving the date,” Barbour said. “We were unsuccessful in advocating for change because the bill had already passed the Senate by the time the letter reached the Legislature.”

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