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Voters Have the Right to a Responsive Democracy


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Rich Robinson,


WASHINGTON Today, Fair Elections Center Vice President Rebekah Caruthers, released the following statement:

While the Supreme Court says it wants to leave key policy decisions to voters and the democratic process, our institutions and election laws do not yet live up to the promise that all eligible voters can elect a government that truly reflects their preferences and interests.

Elected representatives should be accountable to the people they serve, but many have instead opted to choose their own voters through partisan gerrymandering and uphold anti-democratic institutions like the Senate filibuster. The same faction of politicians stifling voting access and fair representation over the past several years by passing burdensome, discriminatory voting restrictions are also pushing other unpopular policies targeting the same communities they seek to silence.

From health care and education to criminal justice and immigration, communities across the country will not be able to make their voices heard on the key issues impacting their lives without robust voting rights protections and truly democratic institutions. Congress must pass federal legislation to ensure all states uphold the rights of voters so that everyone can have a say in the future of their country, regardless of race, age, income or zip code.

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