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Fair Elections Center Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fair Elections Center was founded to address barriers to voting that disproportionately impact racial minorities, non-native English speakers, young people, returning citizens, low-income  people, and naturalized citizens. The ability to vote is at the heart of our democracy. As a society, we should always look for ways to integrate all members of our country into our democracy and encourage every American to become civically engaged.


Recent events have reminded us as an organization that systemic racism and oppression exists and we need to redouble efforts to oppose it wherever it exists. Within voting rights, we have seen a return to Jim Crow era barriers to the ballot box. We will continue to use our resources to engage and educate young people and BIPOC citizens on their right to vote, petition the courts to make sure voting rights are upheld, and advocate for policies to improve the process of how we vote to achieve full participation of all of our citizens.


We will address the fact that we ourselves, members of our work community, others we work with and supporters of our organization have internalized many stereotypes, biases, myths, and conditionings that lead to both conscious and unconscious bias, stereotypes, prejudices and racism. We need to do intentional work to not allow those learned beliefs to cause harm to our co-workers, colleagues and outside partners.


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