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KY case aiming to restore voting rights to all former felons meets to get ruling

Plaintiff Deric Lostutter (top left, clockwise), Kentucky Equal Justice Center senior litigation and advocacy counsel Ben Carter, plaintiff Robert Langdon and Fair Elections Center litigation director Jon Sherman share information about their case, Lostutter v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, in a press call Thursday.

Deric Lostutter served two years in prison after violating a federal anti-hacking law and lying to an FBI agent in 2012.

But now, nearly a decade after completing his felony sentence, Lostutter remains unable to vote in Kentucky.

Instead, he's in his fifth year of a court case attempting to restore voting rights to all former felons in Kentucky. On Thursday, the court heard oral arguments in the case and agreed to ruled on the merits of his case, after a long and winding journey through the courts.


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